Creating Sanctuary

Your at Home Retreat will offer the most for your physical, mental, and energetic being if you gather a few supportive props and tools beforehand.

Yoga Mat

Grab your favourite grippy mat – one that’s not too thick.

Prop Kit

Bolster, two blocks, three blankets, strap, sandbag .

Eye Pillow

Preferably filled with flaxseed.

Meditation Cushions

One or two comfy, supportive cushions.


Any journal or notebook and your favourite pen.

Mandala Art Kit
Streaming Device

Desktop, laptop, smart TV or phone.


Headphones, ear buds or air pods.

Everything You Need

Is Waiting Within

Yoga and mindful living are proven to help manage the stress and anxiety we cannot control or eliminate from our lives. Lean into one week of holistic support, and let the natural medicine from within your own body, mind, and soul recenter your perspective on inner peace.

Are you Ready?

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