How do I access my retreat once I’ve registered?2020-09-01T00:25:35+00:00

Access your retreat exclusively through our online portal, right here! Check back each day to access your retreat guide, featuring a customizable schedule of daily wellness routines, classes, and healing sessions.

Do I need to take the week off?2020-09-06T00:34:11+00:00

While you might enjoy taking the week off from other responsibilities, we like to think of this at home retreat as a launch pad for a more wellness focused and joy filled lifestyle, and that includes other commitments. We made sure that you can absolutely incorporate elements of the program into your normal schedule! We recommend allotting about 2 or 3 hours each day for your retreat, depending on which classes you take, that particular day’s prompts, or any other wellness sessions you participate in.  You’ll be able to check out our Sample Schedule once you are registered to get an idea of what to expect.

Where do I pick up my Art Therapy Kit?2020-09-08T18:51:27+00:00

For curbside pick up, you’ll find your Art Therapy Kit waiting on the chakra chairs of Prancing Peacock Yardley, located at 524 Stony Hill Road, Yardley PA 19067. Please email (liz@prancingpeacock.com)let us know when you plan to stop by so we can have it safely waiting outside.

I’m a Monthly Member and I can’t seem to register?2020-09-02T01:04:04+00:00

In order to register as a guest of the Prancing Peacock, you MUST use your personal access code, emailed directly to your account’s on file email address. Go to the url provided and enter this code in the coupon code box during registration. If you need assistance recovering your code, email: info@prancingpeacock.com with your full name and email address.

What’s included in the $125 retreat?2020-09-08T18:49:22+00:00

Your $125 retreat price includes (1) seven day class pass for unlimited live streaming, on demand, and outdoor yoga, meditation, restorative, roller, and reiki self-treatment classes, (1) recorded sound healing wellness session, (1) art therapy wellness session, (1) recorded Reiki distance healing session, (1) recorded astrology mini course, access to the retreat portal, daily wellness rituals including breath work and guided inquiry, and bonus content featuring plant based recipes and lifestyle videos.

How long do I have to use my Recentre Retreat?2020-09-01T00:18:54+00:00

Your retreat is accessible over seven (7) consecutive days to create an immersive, retreat inspired schedule of wellness and relaxation. Once you activate your class pass, you have seven (7) days of access to the classes and online portal, including the retreat guide, daily wellness routines, supplemental wellness sessions, and bonus content. This is an end of summer retreat specifically designed to help recenter your life on inner peace and connection, so we recommend you complete your seven (7) day program before October 5th. After October 15th, 2020, Recentre Retreat will no longer be available in anticipation of our fall programming.

When is the retreat?2020-09-08T18:48:23+00:00

This is an at home retreat that revolves entirely around you and your schedule. This retreat can leisurely be completed over the course of seven consecutive days, with customizable class schedules, daily wellness prompts and routines, and on demand healing sessions you can do at any point during your seven day period. Once you have activated your class pass, you have seven days to attend classes as part of your retreat. The retreat officially launches Sept 12th, 2020, and is available until October 15th. You can access your seven day retreat any time within that time period.

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